Dr. Who: The Best Moments of Amy and Rory Pond

Dr. Who: The Best Moments of Amy and Rory Pond

As companions to the Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond and Rory Williams saw their relationship grow with each adventure they went on. From getting lost in time and space to fighting off alien vampires, Rory and Amy can survive anything as we’ve seen in Dr. Who in all this time.

If you’re a proper Whovian then you understand why we refer to Amy Pond and Rory Williams as “Mr. and Mrs. Pond.” I mean, even Rory gets this (as he should)

“The Big Bang” (Dr. Who Series 5)

dr who 1

Bless him, because Rory Williams Pond knows his place, which is at Amy’s side, and occasionally running from behind to catch up to her. Sometimes he even waits at her side for thousands of years. Rory’s loyalty to Amy may seem unmatched, but any Whovian knows that Amy’s love for Rory is not as simple or obvious. And that’s why everyone falls for them, roots for them, cries for them, and loves them. Especially the Raggedy Man.

“The Big Bang” (Dr. Who Series 5)

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Here are some of the best moments of Rory and Amy.

When Amy chooses to die because she can’t live without Rory.

In the episode “Amy’s Choice”, two different realities are happening: one is a dream, and one is real, but both have a present danger. It’s up to Eleven, Amy, Rory to figure out which one is their true reality-if they die in their dream reality, all is well. If they die in reality-well, then they die. After Rory is killed, Amy realizes she won’t be able to live without him. In a classic Amy move, she kills herself and the Doctor, not knowing or caring whether the reality they’re in is real or not. All she knows is that she’ll wake up again, and be reunited with Rory, or they’ll all be dead. This is what matters to Amy. Either she and Rory are alive together, or dead together.

“Amy’s Choice” (Dr. Who Series 5)

dr who 3

That one time Rory was cursed by a Siren, and Amy was jealous.

“The Curse of the Black Spot” has to be one of my favorite episodes with The Ponds. Rory and Amy are both hilarious and sweet with each other, despite the fact Rory is beyond smitten for a Siren, and proceeds to tell Amy all about his love for this other woman. As much as Amy tries to act unaffected by this, because Rory can’t help what he’s saying, we can clearly see this bothers her. And it only makes us love her more, because she loves Rory.

“The Curse of the Black Spot” (Dr. Who Series 6)

dr who 4

When Rory and Amy get to hold their baby-and meet their daughter.

Another great episode for Rory and Amy on so many levels. We see Rory be a badass, demanding to know where his wife is, as multiple ships explode in space behind him. We hear Amy tell her baby about a man who will never let them down, that an army can never stop him, and that she’ll never be alone, because this man is her father. We get to see Amy and Rory reunited, and the moment is only made sweeter by the presence of their baby, Melody Pond. Though they only have a short time with her before she’s taken, The Ponds soon find themselves with their daughter again. Only this time, they realize they’ve already met their daughter, because she’s River Song.

“A Good Man Goes to War” (Dr. Who Series 6)

dr who 5

When Rory tells Amy that he wanted to grow old with her-and then Amy tells Rory he must leave her behind.

Amy is left behind in another reality where time moves faster. When Rory and The Doctor finally get to her in what has barely been a day, they find it has been 36 years for Amy. Time has made her angry and hurt, but as usual, Rory is able to calm her down with very few words that mean the world to Amy. In the end Rory must choose to save either Future Amy, who has waited all this time for him, or Present Amy. In a true act of love, Future Amy makes the choice for him.

“The Girl Who Waited” (Dr. Who Series 6)

dr who 6


Whenever Amy is forced to wear the pants in their relationship (but we all know she wears them regularly, anyway).

Like yelling at Rory to hit a senior citizen, or comforting him when he gets a boo-boo

“Amy’s Choice” (Dr. Who Series 5)

dr who 7

“The Rebel Flesh” (Dr. Who Series 6)

dr who 8

When Amy reveals why she let Rory go.

“Asylum of the Daleks” features one of the most emotional and heart-wrenching interactions between our beloved Ponds. At the start of the episode we find that Amy and Rory are no longer together and facing a divorce. In a heated moment, Rory tells Amy that he has always loved her more, earning him a slap from Amy. Wen Amy asks how Rory could even say that to her, a confused Rory shouts back that he waited 2,000 years for her. Amy pretty much kills all of us with her heartbreaking confession that Demon’s Run left her infertile, and knowing how much Rory wanted kids, she gave him up so that he could find someone who could give him what she would never be able to.

“Asylum of the Daleks” (Dr. Who Series 7)

dr who 9

Remember when Amy called Rory gay-in front of their daughter?

In a flashback scene that includes Melody, Amy tells her (in front of Rory, God, and everyone else) that she doesn’t think of Rory in a romantic way because he’s gay. He stutters through several attempts of denying this, and flees the scene when Amy points out that he’s never shown interest in any other girl except her for the last 10 years. With one silent laugh and raise of her eyebrows, Melody hilariously helps her mom realize she has feelings for her dad.

“Let’s Kill Hitler” (Dr. Who Series 6)

dr who 10

These are just a few of the endless moments between Amy and Rory Pond that made Whovians laugh, cry, scream at the tv, and wish that they were our best friends.

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