MINECON Earth is Back and its Time to Party!

One of the most famous conventions is back once again. MINECON 2018 returns September 29th and the party is going to be global!

While the best experience of MINECON is to actually be at the Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle when the party kicks off in September, not everyone is able to make it. That doesn’t mean that the rest of us won’t be able to join in on the fun.

Minecraft has partnered with venues all over the world, from movie theaters to schools and concert halls, to bring the party to the fans. They’ve even made nearby parties easier to locate by creating a comprehensive list that is being updated with every new edition.

Of course, Minecraft didn’t stop there! If you don’t see a nearby location on the list they’ve put the power in your hands. Fans can now host their own sanctioned parties! Everything a host needs to know can be found here.

So, whether hosting, attending, or watching MINECON 2018 is sure to be groundbreaking!

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