Cyberpunk 2077 Release Date and More Revealed

Cyberpunk 2077 Release Date and More Revealed

The creators of the Witcher 3 are at it again with Cyberpunk 2077. E3 2018 is where the game was announced with a cinematic trailer and showed game play behind closed doors. Projekt Red has finally released more information about the game, including a likely release date.

Although game play has been shown (behind closed doors), it was considered a pre-Alpha version.  A specific date hasn’t been announced for release, but thanks to funding that came with a deadline the game is expected to be out June 2019. Projekt Red wants to game to be defined and as close to perfect as possible before the game is released to the public.

After controversy with the release of Witcher 3, in which fans accused Projekt Red of downgrading the graphics of the game after seeing the game play trailer. It is a goal for Projekt Red to ensure the game is perfect for players and that players aren’t disappointed.

Character Creation

The main character of the game is a mercenary named V. Players get to choose whether V will be male or female and can be completely customized. Players can even shape the characters back story and NPC’s within the game will respond and react differently based on how the player makes those beginning choices.

Game Play

Cyberpunk 2077 is played from the first-person perspective. This gives players the opportunity to really experience the life of the city in which the game takes place. Night City is grit and grime and viewing that from the first person perspective really allows the player to be immersed within the city and experience the back story and character they created.

The game also sports a new combat system based around guns, melees, and different powers. Alternate between stealth mode and deep conversations with blood and gore as the guns come out. The game will be gory and bloody as players slice and dice with a katana and remove body parts with powerful shots from a gun.Use a special inhaler in combat to get a speed and sense boost to get an advantage over enemies.

Much like the customized back story, choices made during the missions can change the outcomes. There is a multitude of alternative endings to missions that can affect later missions and the ending of the game. The number of different game endings has not been revealed. Night City can be navigated on foot, in cars, on motorbikes, and even in flying vehicles. Vehicles are automated and can’t be piloted.


Cyberpunk 2077 takes place in Night City. A city of the future crammed with buildings, roads, and alleys. Neon lights highlight the grit and grime of the surface, but underneath those layers, nothing can illuminate the true darkness of the city.

Humans of the city have embraced altering their bodies to enhance physical prowess, mental abilities and powers and cosmetic appearances. Augmentations are done by ripper doctors. These doctors are experts of the mechanical and surgical. These doctors use their abilities to combine man and machine for anyone who can afford it.


Night City itself is conglomeration of the different real life cities of New Yark, L.A. and Tokyo all separated into six distinct districts. Players can explore these districts, inside and outside of building and accomplish different missions spread throughout. The different districts are:

  • City Center: This is the central hub of Night City and the heart of the corporations that control it. Expect luxury apartments, rich citizens, and the hum of neon signage.
  • Santa Domingo: If the City Center is the heart of the corporations, Santa Domingo is the heart of Night City. This is the district that powers the entire metropolis, an industrial zone stuffed with factories, power plants, and generators.
  • Pacifica: Don’t wander into Pacifica unprepared. This is where the seedy underbelly of Night City operates in the open. Pacifica is overrun by gangs and full of trouble.
  • Watson: Watson is a maze of marketplaces, cramped streets, and a bustling street life. This is the district where the Asian community congregates.
  • Heywood: The Latino district of Night City, this is where your adventure begins, acting as your first hub. You live in an apartment here, mingled in among the gangs, the corps, and the other factions of Night City.
  • Westbrook: If you have to ask, you can’t afford it. Westbrook is home to the rich and the famous of Night City, filled with social spaces, expensive eateries, and with a busy nightlife.

In each of these districts, players can rent apartments. The apartments can then be used as a base of operations when running around the different districts.


There are three different classes that players can choose from. Different situations within the game or if a player needs to improve a specific ability, these classes can be changed. They are not locked in.

The three classes are:

  • Netrunner: These are master hackers who can hijack any system. If you want to manipulate security devices, hack into people’s brains, unlock doors, and uncover encrypted secrets, these are the skills you want to develop. Netrunners can plug themselves into anything and there’s not a system they can’t access. Best for stealthy players.
  • Techie: Techies are expert modders. They can craft the best gear, upgrade items and weapons to suit their needs, and can adapt to any situation by using their smarts. Expect to be able to use drones, turrets, and more if you expand your abilities in this specialization.
  • Solo: A lone mercenary, this class specialization will govern your combat abilities. Solos are the strongest, fastest, most combat aware class in the Cyberpunk world.

It is unclear whether specific classes with have their own missions.

Cyberpunk 2077 will be coming for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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