Fortnite Season 5 Goes Live

Fortnite Season 5 Goes Live

Fortnite Season 5 has officially gone live as of this morning. The newest season of the hit battle royale introduces a variety of new features, including new locations, rifts that launch players into the sky, and actual motorized vehicles.

Chrono-temporal shenanigans.

The buildup to the current season of Fortnite has been an exciting one. It may be even more exciting than the previous one, in which meteors struck the map. It first stared off when a rocket launched from the super-villain base managed to create a crack in the sky. Since then, more rifts began appearing in the game and objects have appeared and disappeared from the game. This included the appearance of some Fortnie llamas in some major European cities.

Today, the new season has launched, and players are getting the chance to see what’s going on. Ancient statues and viking longboats have appeared in the world of Fortnite, as well as time rifts. Jumping in one launches players into the sky, allowing them to escape foes and get a good vantage point.

A particularly exciting addition is the arrival of actual vehicles. The All Terrain Kart is a fast and maneuverable kart that lets multiple players ride together and shoot foes. The roof also acts as a bounce pad and passengers in the rear can help the driver leap over obstacles.

Finally, the map has changed two of their locations. In the southeast, the swampy Moisty Mire has been replaced with the desert zone Paradise Palms. Also in the north, Anarchy Acres has been replaced with Lazy Links, which sounds like a good name for a golf course.

The epic costume available to players this season also looks decidedly cool. Ragnarok is a fancy vaguely Viking-themed costume with an awesome skull helmet:

The patch notes for Fortnite Season 5 can be read here.

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