A Look at the Destiny 2 Supers and Subclasses in Forsaken

A Look at the Destiny 2 Supers and Subclasses in Forsaken

Forsaken will bring Destiny 2 many changes, including the arrival of nine new supers. On September 4, 2018, players will have the ability to choose the subclass the like the most, along with choosing which super best fits their individual play-style.

These abilities will give players more options and more engaged encounters in PvP and PvE, and each super brings with it a new subclass branch.

At the beginning of the Forsaken campaign, players choose which new subclass branch for their class they want to chase first. Once players have made their way to Dreaming City, players can find and unlock additional quests. These new quests give players the ability to unlock two more sub-branches.

This is similar to the way unlocking additional subclasses works in the original Destiny 2 campaign.

The new sub-branches feel more synergetic than the last ones. This also means more defined game plans that are more in sync with each other. You can take a look at all the new subclasses and supers available below!

Super and Subranch Descriptions


Arcstrider: Way of the Current

A power can lead to good old-fashioned punches, along with hand to hand combat. This can lead to some grizzly outcomes for the opponent and a trail of energy, that can be helpful later on in the game.

Gunslinger: Way of a Thousand Cuts

A Thousand Cuts enables you to throw a fan of knives at your enemy. Playing with fire enables you to kill your enemies by burning them alive.

Nightstalker: Way of the Wraith

Hit a foe with a melee attack quickly after, and you’ll weaken them with the Shattering Strike perk, reducing their damage output. If that doesn’t finish them off, your Corrosive Smoke bomb melee ability explodes in a line.


Sentinel: Code of the Commander

The Code of the Commander turns you into a de facto leader, calling shots and pushing objectives. Hitting an enemy with a void ability will activate Controlled Demolition, which plants a detonator on them.

Striker: Code of the Missile:

The missile code will send you crash landing kamikaze style at your enemies. Impact Conversions the ammo your newly dead foes drop will reload the gun you’re holding and up its damage for a short time.

Sunbreaker: Code of the Devastator

This enables you to throw hammers at opponents much like the old school game play, and it gets better because you can throw flaming hammers at your enemies thus increasing the body count.


Dawnblade: Attunement of Grace

Warlocks role in the game is a role of support, but a Warlock can either do energy or heal by providing more energy depending on individual player needs. Guiding Flame empowers your allies after its flaming melee attack connects; empowering or healing allies.

Stormcaller: Attunement of Control

As you play you kill enemies, they may drop Ionic Traces, which refill your grenade, melee, rift, and super energy when collected. Pulse wave will give you a speed boost, helping you to escape Danger. Ball Lightning, a ranged melee attack that produces a slow projectile that shoots out lightning. Use the Thunder crashed hour to increase damage. Thunder crash Naples you too impact and enemies on the ground, and in the air increasing damage.

Voidwalker: Attunement of Fission

In this attack when switching weapons may not be feasible or fast enough. Atomic Breach ability a ranged melee attack that creates a Void explosion, and your grenade can be turned into a Handheld Supernova you can also wield at close range.

Use dark matter to give small amounts of health and give speed to rift, melee, and grenade energy

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