Sneak Peek Doctor Who Season 11

The BBC has released a teaser for the upcoming official Doctor Who trailer, airing this Sunday, July 15, 2018, after the World Cup Final. That’s right, a trailer for a trailer. Fans are still clamoring for however a brief glimpse of the newly regenerated timelord.

The teaser trailer gives audiences a better look at the new logo with an unusual background. Personal perception reminds me of something about to explode with the final screen looking like blood shards of some sort. Chris Chibnall, the series new showrunner stated it would be the dawning of a new Doctor. If the teaser is any indication, it could be an explosive one.

Doctor Who Season 11

Other pictures released today show Team TARDIS in action. Pictured below from left to right: Tosin Gill who plays Ryan, Jodie Whittaker, the Doctor, Bradley Walsh as Graham, and Mandip Gill playing Yasmin. The TARDIS will undoubtedly be a bit more crowded this season.

Doctor Who Season 11

Season 11 Team TARDIS

Also, in time for the San Diego Comic-Con, Entertainment Weekly has a special issue coming out today featuring the new Doctor. In this issue, there are exclusive on-the-set interviews, and more sneak peek pictures to delight Whovians everywhere.

Doctor Who Season 11

EW SDDC Preview

Jodie Whittaker along with Tosin Cole, Mandip Gill, two of her companions will be at the San Diego Comic Con for BBC America’s Doctor Who panel, starting July 19th. Also, with the cast, series showrunner Chris Chibnal and executive producer Matt Strevens will be in attendance. It certainly feels like BBC is pulling out all the stops to generate (regenerate?) excitement for the new timelord. Doctor Who returns in the fall of this year.

Doctor Who Season 11


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