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World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth Pre-Expansion Patch Released

Battle for Azeroth Patch

As many players expected, Blizzard Entertainment released their pre-expansion patch for Battle for Azeroth today. Unfortunately, the patch’s launch has been a pretty bumpy one with authentication issues and full queues most of the day. I’m sure Blizz programmers are working diligently to fix the problems.

Battle for Azeroth Patch

Impending doom

Sadly, this isn’t the first time in their nearly 15 years that a patch has fouled things up. Or the sheer traffic load on servers as players scramble to jump into new content as soon as possible. However, Blizzard takes these issues seriously, and they too are scrambling to get things fixed. Fortunately, they are providing timely updates via Twitter. It’s actually rather handy to have frequent updates rather than troll their forums looking for Blue posts.

Battle for Azeroth Patch

Uh oh!

Onto the positive. One thing that Blizzard is always stellar at is their cinematics. Even though the cinematic was released some 8 months ago, it still pleases any gamer with its quality CGI and animation, and even the brief storytelling. Blizzard has always been top-notch when it comes to good storytelling, and this trailer is another fantastic addition.

In the pre-xpac patch, we can expect all sorts of events and chaos as expected. According to Blizzard, beginning the week of July 24th and up to the launch of World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth on August 18th. It seems that war escalates in Teldrassil and eventually in Lordaeron. These events are catastrophic as we’ll discover once the game goes online.

We’ll also get a bit more in character customizations including orcs getting an improvement on their posture. I guess they’re standing proud after all the battles in Burning Legion. Blood elves are also getting a new option for gold-colored eyes and some new faces. Players will even see an upgraded barber shop with options to change your character’s skin color.

Battle for Azeroth Patch

Time for a trim or a facelift.

Perhaps, one of the most exciting changes is War Mode. Blizzard has finally given world PVP’ers a solution to griefing and graveyard camping for lower level players. Instead of having specific servers for PVP or PVE, a player can turn on War Mode and fight against opposite faction players that are also flagged in War Mode. This will allow for players to level without being ganked and give those who live for PVP a proper way to do it. To toggle War Mode, you must be in Orgrimmar or Stormwind. So no randomly turning it off and on to rile up the other faction.

Battle for Azeroth Patch

War Mode Toggle.

There are a ton of changes, including class changes. Check out the patch notes here for an in-depth look. Happy hunting!

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