A Closer Look at the New Doctor Who Trailer

The time finally arrived for the new Doctor Who trailer. Whovians across the world have been awaiting another glimpse of their favorite timelord. As promised on Friday, the BBC aired (and posted online) during the FIFA World cup finals the new teaser trailer featuring mostly the new Team TARDIS.

The teaser trailer lived up to its name by teasing the fans with very little information, but so many tidbits to mull over until the series debut in October 2018. We’re first introduced to Ryan first, played by Tosin Cole. Things begin to shake in the diner, at least for Ryan. Then we witness the all-too-familiar regeneration energy wafting through the restaurant Ryan is sitting in. The familiar sounds of regeneration tantalize the audience and Ryan alike as he witnesses what seems to be time slowing down briefly.

Doctor Who Trailer

Tosin Cole as Ryan

Then off the video zooms into a room where the Doctor’s 2nd companion, Yasmin, played by Mandip Gill is hanging out with some friends, eating pizza, only Yaz sees the pizza box is empty. Items on a bookshelf shudder then queue the swirly gold regeneration energy. Suddenly, the pizza box now has a fresh pizza. Yaz just catches the blur of the 13th Doctor leaving the room.

Doctor Who Trailer

Mandip Gill as Yasmin

And finally, the scene changes to Graham, played by Bradley Walsh in some sort of eatery reading a sports paper. Interesting to note, the announcer on the TV says something like “…the makings of a really strong team…” which seems pretty indicative of what the BBC and Chris Chibnal think about the new Team TARDIS. As the regeneration energy passes through, we hear what almost sounds like a sonic boom or whoosh that catches Graham’s attention. As he turns around, he sees just the feet and a tiny bit of the Doctor’s coat. Graham now appears to be reading something completely different, a comic book title The Beano Summer Special 1981.

Doctor Who Trailer

Bradley Walsh as Graham

Then finally the simple message appears on the screen:

Doctor Who Trailer

…but Who is answering…

The Doctor finally makes her appearance in the last wisps of regeneration energy with a knowing smile on her face. Oh, how we’d all love to know what that smile is about. Unfortunately, we have nearly 3 months of waiting. What are your theories on the new trailer?

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