No Man’s Sky – Next Will be a Free Update

No Man’s Sky – Next Will be a Free Update

No Man’s Sky – Next is an upcoming update to Hello Games’ evolving universe. This free update will be coming July 24th and is coming with brand new features and upgrades!

No Man’s Sky first launched as a massive universe for players to explore. It continues to grow as updates come and players have a seemingly unlimited world in which to have a multitude of adventures. Next will be bringing multiplayer, a visual overhaul, unlimited base building, and command freighters.


Multiplayer can be played with a group of friends, or with other random players. Build shelters and colonies that are shared among all players. Help friends stay alive, or prey on others to survive the harshness of the universe. Join epic space battles with friend or enemies as a pirate or a wingman. Create race tracks and trails to race across in exocraft and share online with friends and others online.

Visual Overhaul

Improved graphics make space and planetary bodies significantly more beautiful. New textures on ground make worlds almost feel real, especially when playing in the first-person on foot and in a ship. Third person is also available on foot and in ship. See the details of buildings, ships and NPC’s more clearly. The new visuals will make a player feel like they are truly part of the game.

Unlimited Base Building

Build a base anywhere on any planet! The complexity and size of the building has been increased significantly, seemingly unlimited. Own a variety of bases on a variety of planets and expand your exploration! New building parts will also be available for use towards new designs.

Command Freighters

Players will be able to create and upgrade a huge fleet of frigates that they control from the bridge of their own freighter. Explore space with a fleet of freighters that will help speed up the process as a player explores. Customize the command freighter any way you wish and invite your friends to join your fleet and embark on adventures and battles in space.

It has been two years since No Man’s Sky first released, and continued updates will bring improvements and more adventures for players. Get ready to create your fleet and join your friends in space on July 24th, 2018!

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