Overwatch All-Access Pass Owners Prepare for Something Legendary

Overwatch All-Access Pass Owners Prepare for Something Legendary

Blizzard is going to be offering all Overwatch League All-Access Pass holders something legendary! Become a holder and get access to other amazing features too!

Legendary Item for Overwatch Pass Holders

The new Lucio emote features him whipping out a DJ deck and showing off his skills and bringing the beat. This emote will only be available for a limited time on July 24th, 2018.

The All-Access Pass is $29.99 and offers complete access to the Overwatch League Command Center, a second-screen match-day stream which offers viewers alternative in-game camera angles, backstage cameras, gamer POV’s and real-time stats. Pass holders also gain access to behind-the-scene VODs and a subscriber-only chat room on Twitch. Holders also get 23 global Twitch emotes, a global chat badge, and ad-free viewing of Overwatch League Streams.

In game items are also available which include 12 Overwatch League team away skins, a variety of Overwatch League Skins, a spray and an icon. If you don’t already have All-Access, it’s always available!

Overwatch is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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