SDCC 2018 Announces Star Wars: The Clone Wars Returns

SDCC 2018 Announces Star Wars: The Clone Wars Returns

The fan-favorite animated show Star Wars: The Clone Wars celebrated 10 years since debuting this weekend. At the panel during San Diego Comic Con, a teaser was shown that announced that the show would finally be returning.

Without a doubt, the most beloved Star Wars series in recent history, Star Wars: The Clone Wars holds a spot in the heart of every Star Wars fan. After debuting 10 years ago, fans were happy to hear that San Diego Comic Con would feature a panel meant to pay tribute to the animated show. Fans around the world were shocked when Lucasfilm announced they would be reviving the beloved show, which was cancelled following Disney’s acquisition of the company. It is unknown when the show will resume, or if it will be on Netflix or not, but the main cast will be reprising their roles, and plot points that were left unanswered will be answered.

We will keep you updated as this news develops.

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