The Update for Destiny 2 is Bringing Back Bounties and More

The Update for Destiny 2 is Bringing Back Bounties and More

Update 1.2.3 for Destiny 2 is coming next Tuesday, July 23rd. With this update comes bounties for the Heroic Strike Playlist. Be prepared though, some changes are being made to how bounties are grabbed. The playability for Heroic Strikes are getting some changes too.

Destiny 2 Update

Bounties were initially removed so that players didn’t feel obligated to complete them. Developers felt that bounties added one extra thing that players had to accomplish. The removal allowed players to just play the game as it is meant to be played and removed the repetitive visitation of areas or continually playing Crucible playlists just to get a few rewards. The developers changed their minds though and bounties are making a return!

Bounties will be up for grabs with the update, specifically for Heroic Strikes. However, players can’t just grab as many bounties as they can and decide how they will collect them later on. Bounties now cost Glimmer, the currency in Destiny. They also expire, but whether they just need to be purchased again or will disappear is unknown.

Heroic Strikes will also be getting some changes, and hopefully improve the quality of the game play. Heroic Strike will be a little easier for players by making some modifications in how players deal melee damage, how much damage a player takes while airborne and how their health and shields are regenerated. For Strikes like Blackout, players will see an increase in melee damage, and for the Strike with Glass, players will see a difference in how fast their shields regenerate.

These changes will allow players to increase their Power level without getting increasingly frustrated as they tackle Heroic Strikes for missions, and now for bounties. Overall, these updates will improve Destiny 2 and give players a better chance of leveling and make the game more enjoyable.

Get ready for the update, coming out July 23rd, 2018! Destiny 2 is playable on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC!

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