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World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth Expansion PvP Details

World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth Expansion PvP Details

World of Warcraft (WoW) is getting a new expansion next month. Battle for Azeroth is coming. Teasers, game play trailers and other information have already been released, but it’s time to explore some of the finer features of PvP.

Battle for Azeroth was announced November 2017. Since the Legions march has been stopped, the world has been plunged into war. The Alliance on one side, and the Horde on the other. The trust between these

This expansion will increase the level cap to 120 and add all new continents to explore. PvP talents are also facing changes and the addition of War Mode. Earning honor levels in PvP give a player the chance to choose from a row of talents. This method puts new players at a disadvantage and makes it more difficult for them to gain their own honor levels. In Battle for Azeroth, talents will be available as soon as you level. There will no longer be rows to choose talents from, instead there will be groups of talent to make selections from. Once a player reaches level 110, all of the talents will be available to select from.

War Mode, Bounties and Duelers Guild

War Mode is an entirely new way for players to experience PvP. Players can access any realm and come in and out any time they want. There are also no server-rule sets for War Mode. The WoW blog had this to say of War Mode:

“With War Mode, we wanted to solve the problem of some players feeling ‘locked’ into one play style or another by their realm choice. They might have picked a PvE realm purely because their friends were there, even though they were interested in open world PvP. Conversely, they could have chosen a PvP realm to start, but later decided it wasn’t for them anymore. War Mode provides a way for both styles of gameplay to co-exist for every player–and with the way realm sharding works now, we felt this was the right opportunity to let players choose.”

Deciding to enter War Mode comes with some perks when leveling. The main bonus being an experience bonus. Once a player achieves max level, additional perks like gold, resources and artifact power bonuses are also given to players. Players can jump into War Mode once they reach level 20. Players can access is at Orgrimmar or Stormwind.

War Mode also features something else: bounties. Gain infamy by killing other players. Kill enough players and gain the assassin rank which comes with a 15% increase to damage and health. Be careful though, players with the assassin rank are easier to see on maps. This gives other players the opportunity to kill an assassin and earn bounties and conquest points.

The two new outdoor arenas, Boralus and Zuldazar, offer the perfect environment for the new Duelers Guild. Similar to Brawler’s guild, players face of in 1v1 battles. Getting killed in the Duelers Guild means the player is out. Players that continue to win get the chance to battle for the Contenders title, and achievements.

Battle for Azeroth is coming August 14th, 2018 for PC. It is now available for pre-order, which comes with a single character boost to level 110.

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