New Doctor Who Series Trailer Revealed at SDDC

BBC America gave Whovians another delightful treat, a brand-new Doctor Who series trailer at the San Diego Comic Con. Unlike the purely mysterious trailer that its UK parent company, BBC, this one gives fans a delightful treat to the eye and a few more peeks at our brand new 13th Doctor.

In it, we hear the new timelord speaking about all the new things coming like the new faces (her new traveling companions), new worlds, and new times. She asks “Would you be my new best friends?” (My answer would be, hell yeah!) I have to speculate that the Doctor asks this of her three new companions in the first episode, but we’ll have to wait until this fall to confirm. Going by the imagery and narration, I hope for new aliens and planets like the classic series, which did it so well. You can’t help but be excited by this brief 40-second trailer. It certainly adds to the already heightened anticipation for the new season.

At SDCC, fans were also treated to an exclusive Doctor Who panel that featured Jodie Whittaker, Tosin Cole, Mandip Gill, Chris Chibnall, showrunner, and Matt Strevens, executive producer. BBC America has shared some highlights from the panel.

The Doctor’s Debut

Introductions of the panel.

Meet the Team

The cast discusses their auditions, new roles, and a brief backstory. They all bring something completely different. Although Bradley Walsh, who plays Graham in the series wasn’t there, the remaining cast discuss his personality and love of making fart noises on set.

Meet the Thirteenth Doctor

Talking about Jodie’s first video shoots from the regeneration scenes and how the TARDIS “rejected” her.

Who is Thirteen?

The panel discusses what kind of Doctor Jodie’s version will be. Still at the root, the same character, but as a pillar of hope, a lot of energy, childish wonder, joy for life, and even playful. Each sum up in three words Jodie’s Doctor. The panel seems genuinely excited about the series.

What to Expect

Ten standalone stories, new villains, new monsters, new characters. Chris Chibnall states, “This is the perfect jumping on point for that person in your life that has never watched Doctor Who. I want you to go out there and recruit that person and gonna sit them down and say See!” It is the perfect moment to get new viewers on board to witness the magic of Doctor Who. Where does the show go next? Less looking back into the past and more new treats.

What It Means to be in Doctor Who

The panel discusses their thoughts about being a part of the longest-running science fiction program on television. Most have memories of watching the series as children or watching with their own family. The excitement and appreciation of the series are evident. Chris Chibnall, showrunner, “Everyone back in Cardiff is working for you.” All of the cast are so excited, thrilled, and proud to be part of Doctor Who.

Keeping Secrets

The cast discusses how difficult it was to keep their roles in season 11 of Doctor Who. Jodie seems to be pretty decent at keeping a tight lid as she appreciates having surprises in the series. Tosin, on the other hand, told his friends immediately. As Jodie jokingly commented, “Don’t ask Tosin anything.”

Quickfire Questions

The panel answers some quick questions on fun topics.

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