Legends of Tomorrow


Legends of Tomorrow Season 4 New Cast & Trailer

Legends of Tomorrow Season 4 New Cast & Trailer

The CW Television Network brought their shows to San Diego Comic-Con in order to get fans hyped for their impending return this October, one of these shows is DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, and you can get to watch the official season 4 trailer below.


Season 4 will bring a lot more of what we are used to see with this team of weirdos who became time-traveling heroes, and we will get to see more of fan favorite John Constantine as it seems this season will bring more magical creatures, and way more darkness than we saw in the previous season, which is a lot to say given that Season 3 was about a demon coming to our world, right?

It has also been announced that Ramona Young has been cast as Alaska Yu, who is a member of the Time Bureau and will be a series regular during this season, while we will also see Tom Wilson playing the role of Nathan’s father.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow will return for its fourth season on October 22, on The CW.

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