Shazam! Official Trailer is Here!

Shazam! Official Trailer is Here!

DC Comics has revealed the trailer for their upcoming superhero movie Shazam!

Shazam! Official Trailer

For those that don’t know much about Shazam, the story goes that a young boy, Billy Batson, meets a mysterious stranger known as The Wizard. The Wizard grants Billie his powers when Billie shouts the word Shazam! and is imbued with the powers of the gods. He then transforms into an adult, crime fighting superhero. He boasts powers similar to that of Superman with invulnerability, super human strength, speed, and flight. Shazam is also known as Captain Marvel from the original comic books. The name Shazam comes from the word Billy shouts every time he wants to transform into his adult crime fighting alter-ego.

The movie will feature Dr. Thaddeus Sivana as the enemy instead of Black Adam (played by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson) as people might have expected. Dr. Sivana has been a long-time enemy of Captain Marvel/Shazam in the comic books and uses the power of science to attempt to control the world. Dr. Sivana doesn’t sport any super powers but he has almost a super human intellect that he utilizes to create doomsday devices in an attempt to destroy the meddlesome Captain Marvel/Shazam.

Asher Angel plays the young Billy Batson and Zachari Levi will play Shazam! The movie also stars Jack Dylan Glazer as Freddy Freeman, Mark Strong as Dr. Thaddeus Sivana, Grace Fulton as Mary Bromfield. Adam Brody and Ross Butler will also make an appearance in the film.

It’s entirely possible that we will be seeing more of Billy and Captain Marvel/Shazam in the future. Peter Safron, the producer of the movie, told Entertainment Weekly that: “I wouldn’t be surprised to see Shazam play a role in the DCU. He exists in that world.” Batman and Superman better watch out, there’s a new superhero coming.

Shazam! will be in theaters April 5th, 2019.

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