Rogue Legacy Celebrates 5th Anniversary with Update

Rogue Legacy Celebrates 5th Anniversary with Update

The popular 2D indie platformer Rogue Legacy is celebrating its five-year anniversary with a brand new patch. This marks the first new update for Cellar Door Games’ flagship title in about four years.

A new generation

Rogue Legacy is a game where you take control over a knight as they jump and slash their way through a mysterious castle. The main draw is that when your character dies, you choose which of their heirs you’ll play as in your next run. Your choice of heir determines their class (which gives special abilities) and genetic traits that affect the game in various ways. Your character may have coprolalia, which makes them spew grawlixes when injured. Colorblind characters will see everything in shades of grey. Characters who are unlucky enough to have C.I.P (Congenital Insensitivity to Pain) feel no pain and see no health bar, which is a lot less badass and a lot more dangerous that films would have you believe. You can also spend gold earned in runs to upgrade your further heirs’ stats and unlock new classes, equipment, and runes for special abilities.

The patch notes describe a bunch of the new features. Among them are:

  • New traits. Your characters can now have to deal with prosopagnosia, an inability to remember familiar faces, or clonus-induced muscle spasms.
  • Language options: The game can now be played in English, French, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Polish, and Simplified Chinese.
  • Donation boxes: You can now upgrade the pre-created characters used to fight ‘remix’ bosses, upgraded optional versions of the main bosses. However, it costs quite a bit, so save up!
  • Mouse rebinding: “2207 comments later and we finally got the message,” jokes Cellar Door Games. “I hope you degenerates are happy!”
  • A new achievement: ‘Thanatophobia’ Complete the game in 15 lives or less.

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