The Onania Club Teaser Trailer is here!

Come and See, See and Come

Continuing from the previous article

We finally are given the teaser trailer for Tom Six’s The Onania Club. And needless to say its very interesting!

In the video description we are given an overall synopsis of the film in which Six Entertainment Company goes on to say;

“The Onania Club” deals with this pure psychological horror. No plot details yet but a glimpse of the story: Strong, rich, white L.A. women (über bitches) run the show and deeply enjoy the misery of others. The film will be a pleasant breath of polluted air in today’s growing political correctness and intolerance.

The video describes its theme as “Schadenfreude”, an emotion that philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer called: “the most evil sin of human feeling” and “diabolic”.

The teaser trailer gives you the exact meaning of the film and from the short interactions we can already see the direction in which Tom Six is pointing towards. From the previous article we have gone over the meaning of Onania, a synonym for masturbation. And in the trailer we see just that! In the trailer we see a group of women masturbating while watching the events of 9/11. From the description and theme we can gather the direction in where Mr. Six plans on taking this film. Masturbating over tragedy and shocking events is only a brief glance as to what sadistic nature this film will hold. And for us that want to know more, we will be waiting patiently for more information that Tom Six is willing to part with before the release of his new film.

To find out more about the upcoming film: Tom Six Profile

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