Kelsey Grammer in Talks for a Frasier Reboot

Frasier Reboot

According to Deadline, it appears that Kelsey Grammer is in talks for a Frasier reboot. While not slated as a certainty, Kelsey Grammer, lead actor and executive producer is considering different ideas for the comedy series reboot.

One of the most successful spin-off series on television and certainly the most awarded comedy program, Frasier was originally a character on the 80’s comedy Cheers. The title character, Dr. Frasier Crane, was a psychiatrist living in Boston and one of the many patrons of the popular bar. In the original series spinoff, Frasier moves back to Seattle to reconnect with his father and brother while working on a radio show. The show was comedy gold and ran from 1993-2004.

Frasier Reboot

Original Frasier Cast

Rumor has it that Grammer is considering several script ideas as plausible scenarios for the reboot. While the phrase “reboot” is being thrown around, the plans are to feature Kelsey Grammar as the infamous shrink in a new setting and situation. If all parties can settle on a concept for the renewed series, then plans could go beyond the precursory stage. To quote the good doctor, “I’m listening.” could be exactly what Grammer is doing as story pitches are presented. However, no official commentary from Grammer’s reps or CBS TV Studios has been made.

Frasier Reboot

I’m listening

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