Developer Quantic Dream Loses Lawsuit

Developer Quantic Dream Loses Lawsuit

The developer of exclusively PlayStation console games such as Heavy Rain and Detroit: Become Human, has lost a lawsuit against them by a former employee. Quantic Dream faced an intense investigation and the discoveries led to the courts ruling out of their favor.

Quantic Dream Lawsuit

A former employee quit its position with the developer after offensive photoshopped images made rounds within the office. Gaming journals Le Monde, Canard PC, and Mediapart conducted an investigation in January. Including evidence of the photos, other discoveries came to light.


The photos that circulated were images of Nazi soldier and porn actors and actresses. The images had employees faces photoshopped over them. The photos made their way all over the office for everyone to see. In addition to these photos, the team of investigators explored accusations of a toxic workplace which included inappropriate behavior by Quantic Dream leaders David Cage and Guillaume de Fondaumière, overworking the staff and participating/turning their heads to sexist and racist jokes and comments.

In response to the accusations, David Cage claimed he was “shocked” by them. The company then attempted to cover these allegations up. When the reports became public, the company began attempting to sue the three journalism companies but the findings indicated that these accusations were true, especially after discovery of the photos.


The court found in favor of the former employee. This means that instead of treating the employees resignation as a voluntary action, it will now be considered an unfair dismissal. The former employee will now be able to receive a settlement and unemployment rights. This also now means and Quantic Dream can appeal the decision.

Overall, with the slew of evidence against the actions of leaders and the toxic workplace, it is likely that the former employee will receive the settlement and benefits. The fallout of these discoveries and proceedings are currently unknown, although changes are sure to come for the company.

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