Magic: The Gathering Commander 2018 is Coming Soon

Magic: The Gathering Commander 2018 is Coming Soon

Wizards of the Coast has spoiled all of the decks that will be featured in Magic: The Gathering, Commander 2018. There’s a bit of a surprise as to who leads the helm of these powerful commander decks.

Commander 2018 consists of four very different pre-built commander decks. Each deck includes 100 cards that feature a variety of different cards to aid and assist players in decimating their opponents. These four commander decks feature Planeswalkers at the helm, commanding creatures and spells to take over the battlefield.

Exquisite Invention

Exquisite Invention features Saheeli as the Planswalking commander. She was first seen in the world of Kaladesh. Here, she makes her return and will put her inventing and artificer skills to the test. This deck will be a Blue/Red combo built around artifacts, burn spells and other spells to help take over the battlefield and defeat opponents.

Subjective Reality

Aminatou commands this deck. This deck features White, Blue, and Black cards that will provide an interesting play against other decks. Get ready for a wild ride. Aminatou plays with fate and destiny, so cards that allow for predicting a players own cards, or their opponents. Utilize this knowledge to set your opponents up to lose.

Nature’s Vengeance

Cats! Lord Windgrace guides this deck. Often featured in a combination of Green and White, decks that feature cats are typically heavy on tokens and overrunning the battlefield. Nature’s Vengeance deviates from this, featuring a Red, Black and Green combination. It will intriguing to see if there will be a variety of cats, cat tokens and other creatures and spells overrun the battlefield and trample the opponents.

Adaptive Enchantment

Adaptive Enchantment will feature Estrid, the Masked as the commander. She features the combination of Green, White and Blue and will have a multitude of various enchantments at her disposal. Bestow, enchant, or miraculously take control of the board and send the opponents running for the hills. This deck will provide a combination of enchantment creatures and spells to control the battlefield.

Get ready to play Commander 2018, coming August 10th, 2018!

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