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Watch: Iron Fist Season 2 Memories Teaser; with Iconic Mask!

The latest teaser for Marvel’s next Netflix season is out, and in it, The Immortal Iron Fist finally dons his classic costume, or part of it.

Set to debut in a little over a month, Iron Fist season 2 is looking to surpass its predecessor in every way possible. with the latest teaser, titled “memories” it would appear that this goal has been achieved. In the teaser, we see glimpses of a battle between Danny and Davos, both of whom appear to have donned the iconic half-mask that fans have been asking for since the debut of the show in 2016.

The teaser, coupled with an interview with Netflix executives, revealed that Iron Fist’s second season would only be composed of 10 episodes. Next to Iron Fist’s costume, this has been the single most demanded thing from viewers, as the 13-episode seasons of past shows has been a hellish nightmare for anyone who wishes to binge-watch any given season.

Iron Fist hits Netflix at 2 A.M. central time on September 7th.

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