The Nightmare Before Christmas Funko Pops are Here!

The Nightmare Before Christmas Funko Pops are Here!

Funko has revealed the new line of their vinyl figures. The Nightmare Before Christmas line is here and features all your favorite characters.

Funko announced earlier this year that they would be releasing their “5 Star” line. This line of figures is a little bit different than the typical Pop figure sitting on the shelf. The “5 Star” figures will have three-points of articulation, an display box that mimics a book cover opening, and fun little accessories. Pose the characters in their own respective worlds!

Released earlier this year was The Harry Potter series. Now Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas will make a debut. This comes just in time for the films 25th anniversary. The much beloved Pumpkin King, Jack Skellington is of course featured in the set with his faithful friend Zero and a spider in a web. His love-interest and iconic rag doll, Sally is also in the set with her thistle-like flower and black cat. Oogie Boogie makes his appearance with a faithful bug and his very iconic dice right along with him. Oogie’s three naughty henchman Lock, Shock, and Barrel are also included in this new line of figures. Each of them come with their mask and a slingshot, plunger and a black and orange sucker.

Each figure is iconic in the film and their accessories compliment each character. Funko is really stepping up their game and these new figures look amazing! Get your hands on these figures today!

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