Wacky Garry’s Mod Game Jazztronauts Released

Garry’s Mod is a giant physics sandbox born from Half-Life 2 is a modder’s paradise full of crazy maps. A new mod for the game, Jazztronauts, allows players to explore these maps and steal anything and everything.

Sell trash for cash!

Jazztronauts has you playing as a strange sort of inter-dimensional burglar. You have access to a huge variety of maps, which are all part of the Steam Workshop. Your goal is to run around these maps, steal stuff, and escape on a wall-crushing cosmic bus. Between maps, you can hang out at a classy inter-dimensional jazz bar. Here, you can sell your junk for cash, spend cash on persistent upgrades, and meet your crew of anthropomorphic cats. They are:

  • The Bartender. She’s the brains of the operation and unfailingly polite.
  • The Singer. A hobbyist archivist, they have a kind word to say about everyone. Their interests, according to Twitter, include “naps, supporting their friends, curating the local Mewseum, and eating takeout of exceptionally dubious quality and/or origin”.
  • The Pianist. No-nonsense and direct, she takes her role as a bodyguard very seriously. She does have a tender side, according to her friends.
  • The Cellist. Described by the official Twitter as “a trash fire.Just absolute garbage. A trainwreck in slow motion set to Chariots of Fire on bike horns. Reefer Madness was a documentary about him. Why do we even keep him around. Please help”.

The mod is also surprisingly educational. In the jazz bar, there’s a museum that shows off some Source Engine mapping technology and tricks. All to make it easier to strip other people’s maps bare.

In order to play the mod, you’ll need to have Garry’s Mod installed. To avoid missing assets bugs, you’ll also want Half-Life 2 and it’s expansion packs, Team Fortress 2, and Counter-Strike: Source installed. You can get the mod by clicking the Subscribe All button on the Vanilla or Reccomended Workshop mod pack. The Reccomended version comes with handy extra features and a vuvuzela.

You can support the creators at their Ko-fi.

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