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World of Warcraft Animated Shorts Warbringers Sylvanas

As promised, Blizzard delivered the second animated short in the Warbringers series with Sylvanas’ story. Leading up to the launch of their latest expansion for World of Warcraft, Blizzard has made 3 animated shorts to build some backstory for those that may be unfamiliar (or those gaming veterans) with these powerful females.

The first video featured Jaina Proudmore, powerful mage for the Alliance. It gave some insight into the thoughts and emotions she’s dealing with as events start to unfold in the new expansion. Seasoned players know that Jaina has become a tad mental from the constant wars with the Horde and other evil invasions. In Sylvanas’ story, we see just how much the wars and time have worn down the Banshee Queen.

Warbringers Sylvanas

In the past, Sylvanas’ history is a somewhat tragic one. She was formerly a Night Elf Ranger who battled against the Lich King and lost her life, only to be turned into a banshee by Arthas, the Lich King himself. What was once a life of beauty and harmony with nature turned into a tortured existence fighting the people she was once a part of (being undead did turn her people away from her, of course.) with no other goals in life but to survive and protect those who took her in when she needed it most, the Horde.

Warbringers Sylvanas

While this tale is indeed tragic, and most Horde players have adored her for years for her courage while suffering such sadness, it seems from this video that Sylvanas was harboring more hatred than her people realized. For years, Sylvanas has fought alongside her living comrades in countless battles, always stating that she did this for the greater good of the Horde, but this video, in my opinion, has tainted the qualities that so many have come to love about our undead warchief.

Warbringers Sylvanas

The video starts out with a distant view of the World Tree in Teldrassil. Sylvanas instructs her forces to secure the beach as she walks up to a dying night elf. Sylvanas and the night elf share some dialog about the unnecessary killing of innocents. Needless to say, the conversation gets ugly ending in Sylvanas ordering a hesitant Nathanos Blightcaller (Yes, he shockingly hesitates!) to burn down the World Tree in Teldrassil, a sentient tree that the night elves call home.

Warbringers Sylvanas

We all have to wonder where this thoughtless act of violence is taking Azeroth and her faithful players. Time and the release of Battle for Azeroth will only tell.

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