Netflix Orders Z Nation Spin-off Black Summer

Z Nation Spinoff Black Summer

Netflix executives have ordered 8 episodes for the Z Nation spin-off titled Black Summer.  The new series will feature Jaime King of Hart of Dixie fame as a mother who is forced to embark on a terrifying odyssey in search of her daughter. We’ll witness King’s character coping with this horrific new world alongside a group of refugees during a zombie apocalypse.

Karl Schaefer and John Hyams will be the co-showrunners for Black Summer and are also co-creators and executive producers for Z Nation. Black Summer follows in the same footsteps as other zombie dramedies (drama comedies) such as iZombie, with its final season to begin this year, Santa Clarita Diet, which was renewed for a third season by Netflix, and of course, Z Nation which will begin filming its fifth season later this year. While some may think zombies are so “last year” it is evident that ratings are still performing well enough for Netflix to invest in another zombie series. With the advent of the newer dramedy genre, this undead character type seems to be still very popular.

Z Nation Spinoff Black Summer

Either way, we’ll keep you informed as Netflix unveils a release date for Black Summer!

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