Stardew Valley Multiplayer Update Goes Live

Stardew Valley, the highly acclaimed farming game from Chucklefish, has released their big multiplayer update for computers. Now up to four friends can hang together on the same farm and enjoy some relaxing farming together.

Farming with friends.

Stardew Valley’s multiplayer was first put into opt-in public beta testing back in April. Now, it’s finally ready and released on computers!

Version 1.3 allows a player to host up to three pals to help out on their farm via LAN connection or online. The farmhands each receive a cabin they can customize and can pursue their own relationships with the town’s inhabitants. The main difference between the farmhands and the main player is that the host gets final say in certain things, mostly when certain events start. What’s cool is that this multiplayer is also cross-platform. Users of Steam can play with players on Good Old Games and vice versa.

As for other features included in Version 1.3, there’s:

  • A new winter festival, where you can visit a travelling festival.
  • New monsters and treasures to find in Skull Cavern.
  • New furniture. Grow crops indoors with pots and decorate your house with a bunch of colorful new items.
  • The ability to pay a good amount of money in a secret area to respec your skills.
  • New machines that can automatically milk and shear your animals.
  • Hats for horses. Clearly the most important feature out of everything introduced in Version 1.3.

Eric “Concernedape” Barone, the creator of Stardew Valley, goes of most of the features in the patch notes. Of course, not everything has been revealed in the new version’s patch notes. “I think it will be more fun to discover these things for yourself,” he says.

For those of you who play Stardew Valley on console, Eric added at the end of the notes that “the console versions of multiplayer are in development & coming soon.”

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