Horizon Zero Dawn Board Game is Coming

Horizon Zero Dawn Board Game is Coming

An exciting announcement has been made during Gen Con 2018. A Horizon Zero Dawn board game is now official and will be coming soon!

Steamforged, the creators of the Dark Souls board game, will be spearheading the development of the game. The company actually said that they have been working on the board game since before Horizon Zero Dawn was released for PS4. They have been working in conjunction with Sony and Guerilla Games for about two years on the project.

The story of the board game is set after the events of the video game and the subsequent DLC content. This board game is NOT a sequel to the game though, but will details events after the ending of the main story in the video game. The main characters of the video game are event cards. The board game will also feature miniatures of the mechanical monsters found in the game like the mighty Lockjaw.

The game is designed to be played with a combination of cooperative and competitive play. Players go on stealthy hunts together, but then compete against each other for the highest score. The game will take about an hour to two hours to complete with a series of about five hunts that get more difficult as players complete each one. Players pick a unique class with a corresponding deck specific to that class. These cards can then replaced as the game goes on. Replace them for better cards that improve the chosen skill and hunt.

The game will be making its way to Kickstarter later this year, so be sure to keep an eye out. Get ready to enjoy hunting alongside your friends and competing with them to win!

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