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Honor is Not Completely Gone in Old Soldier

Blizzard just released a new cinematic, Old Soldier, featuring Saurfang after the burning of the World Tree in Teldrassil. While the atrocity performed on the tree was horrific and devastating to both factions, Saurfang took these events the hardest.

Saurfang, having fought in numerous battles for the Horde knows two things, how to battle and fighting with honor. While many view orcs as bloodthirsty savages, orcs do have a code of conduct steeped in honor. Never stab\shoot someone in the back. Never kill innocents. These two unspoken rules were broken when Sylvanas ordered the world tree be burned even after she was told only innocent people were left (citizens).

Saurfang Old Soldier

Saurfang looking on in shame

Saurfang protests the burning of the tree but is ignored. Being the good soldier, Saurfang stands by and watches shamefully as the warchief’s orders are completed. We see in this video, it plays heavily on his heart. He is witnessed taking off his armor with self-reflection and even shame while talking to a young troll.  While it appears he’s about to abandon his beloved Horde, the young troll persuades him to fight another day.

Saurfang Old Soldier

Saurfang, Old Soldier

This trailer leads up to next week’s Battle for Lordaeron in which Undercity is lost to the undead\horde. The new chain quest and videos should be released next Tuesday building up to the release of the expansion Battle for Azeroth.

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