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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Fan Favorite Debuts in Direct

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Fan Favorite Debuts in Direct

After nearly 20 years of being requested, it would appear that King K. Rool and Simon Belmont will finally make their Super Smash Bros. Ultimate debut.

The Vampire Hunter arrives! In a 30-minute direct this morning, Game Director Mashahiro Sakurai revealed that multiple long-requested characters would make their debut in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, not the least of which is the legendary protagonist of the Castlevania series, Simon Belmont. Also among the reveals are Dark Samus, Chrom, Richter Belmont, and the long-demanded antagonist of the Donkey Kong Country, King K. Rool.

The Direct also revealed that there will be 103 stages in total, making Ultimate the largest game in the Smash Bros. franchise by far. Nearly every stage from the franchise appears to be in Ultimate, along with several new stages.

Was there a character that a fan wanted that isn’t in the game? Chances are they’ve been made into an assist trophy. Shovel Knight, Knuckles, and the Rathalos of Monster Hunter fame are all being added into the game.

Super Smash Brothers Ultimate releases December 7th exclusively on the Nintendo switch.

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