Bethesda Wants Elder Scrolls: Legends to Have Full Cross-Play

Bethesda Wants Elder Scrolls: Legends to Have Full Cross-Play

Bethesda’s VP of marketing spoke recently about their plans for the console version of The Elder Scrolls: Legends. They want the strategy card game to have full cross-play on every system, a statement which puts pressure on Sony.

More cross-play pressure.

In his interview with Game Informer, Pete Hines spoke about their intentions to have Elder Scrolls: Legends have full cross-play and shared progress across platforms:

It is our intention in order for the game to come out, it has to be those things [cross-play] on any system. We cannot have a game that works one way across everywhere else except for on this one thing. The way the game works right now on Apple, Google, Steam, and, it doesn’t matter where you buy your stuff, if you play it on another platform that stuff is there. It doesn’t matter what platform you play on, you play against everyone else who is playing at that moment. There’s no ‘Oh, it’s easier to control, or it has a better framerate on this system.’ It’s a strategy card game. It doesn’t matter.

Pete also added that cross-play and shared progress were “essentially non-negotiable”. While Pete and his company haven’t said anything outright, it seems the ball is in Sony’s court as to whether the PS4 version will be a thing.

Sony’s bad reputation for being anti-cross play arose recently in a few different news stories. Not having cross play in Legends would mean players would have to leave behind their very tools for play if they migrate platforms. To allow full cross play, Bethesda would need to have unified accounts that carry over to all platforms. However, Sony’s reluctance may be a problem.

Not the first card game with problems.

Another card game has a similar problem. Gwent, a spin-off card game based off a mini-game in The Witcher games, has the PS4 and Xbox One versions in beta. However, the PS4 version is separate from the Xbox One and other versions. CD Projekt Red business developer Rafal Jaki said in a Gwent forum post that it wasn’t for technical reasons. “Technically we can link all account and have cross buy – but this needs to approved by platform holders and they did not agree to let us do that,” he said.

With Bethesda again pressuring Sony to allow cross play, we’ll have to see if Sony will relent.

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