Battlefield 5 Teases Battle Royale Mode in New Trailer

EA has released a new trailer for the hit first person shooter series Battlefield 5. The new trailer shows off a variety of gameplay shots, and gives us a teaser of what the battle royale mode will look like.

Old Johnny Cash joke.

EA has given us another look at their upcoming AAA first person shooter Battlefield 5. This game marks a return to World War II, a tired and true setting for war games. The trailer, which supposedly uses in-game footage, gives viewers a little bit of everything. It showed off tanks rumbling around, aerial combat, some multiplayer action, and even a bit of melee combat. However, those who stuck around got to see something special.

At the 1:37 mark on the trailer, viewers get to see a large ring of fire amidst some snowy mountain peaks. What followed was about a dozen seconds of footage with soldiers running, a tank rumbling, and the ring of fire closing in. It seems very likely that this relates to the battle royale mode announced back at E3. This is more or less the first look at this mode we’ve seen.

While the trailer doesn’t give us much concrete information on the mode, we have a couple of sturdy details. First, the mode uses a ring of fire to draw players closer to each other, much like PUBG‘s blue barrier that damages players who stray outside it. Second, there’s a good chance ground vehicles, tanks included, are in this mode. We can expect to get more details at Gamescom next week at Cologne, Germany. EA will be there and likely have some more concrete details on the game and the battle royale mode there.

Battlefield 5 is the 13th game in the series (counting spinoffs) and launches October 19. It can be played on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC.

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