Adult Games Still Struggling with Steam

Adult Games Still Struggling with Steam

Two months ago, Steam made some drastic changes to their marketplace. Adult-oriented visual novels, despite not having to worry about being pulled, still seem to be getting the short end of the stick as Valve says it could take months to start the approval process on those kinds of games.

Can’t catch a break.

As readers might know, Steam made sweeping changes to what got approved for the marketplace in June. Among the planned changes are filters for what users see on the marketplace. Valve informed users that “significant changes” to what’s allowed won’t be seen until the tools are in place.

Back in July, Steam started temporarily withholding adult-them.ed games from the marketplace to skip boring small talk.

. A month later, Dharker Studio, the creator of adult visual novel Negligee: Love Stories, reached out to Valve. They wanted to know when their game will no longer be withheld. Their official response, courtesy of Valve rep SeanJ, is as follows:

We’re right in the middle of building some features into Steam for customers to be able to choose the type of products they see in the store. Your game has content in it that needs these features to be completed and shipped first. You’ll have to do some additional store page work around describing the content in your game once we have completed those features. We don’t have an exact timeline for those features though, so please be patient as we complete the work.

When asked by Dharker Studio when the features would be completed, SeanJ said “Assume months at this point. The work is progressing, but not close enough to give a time frame.”

As Gamasutra, the original reporters on this story, remarked, creators of adult visual novels seem to be the primary target of this approval freeze. They have reached out to Valve and are awaiting a response.

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