Stellaris is Coming to Consoles

Parodox Interactive’s sci-fi 4X grand strategy game Stellaris will soon be braving a new frontier. With the help of Tantalus Media, the game will be seeing an official release onto consoles sometime in the future.

Where no 4X has gone before.

4X games like Civilization rarely appear on consoles due to a variety of reasons. A good example is the difficulty of taking a keyboard, which has tons of buttons for a variety of tasks, and converting that to a controller, which has at best about a dozen buttons. In a recent trailer, Paradox Interactive announced their plans to take a shot at a 4X console game with Stellaris: Console Edition. Tantalus Media is also helping with the port. They previously helped convert Cities: Skylines to a console game.

Stellaris is a 4X grand strategy game comparable to other Paradox titles like Europa Universalis 4. Released in 2016, it has players take the role of a space-faring civilization exploring the colonizing the stars. It currently has five expansion packs released, with more likely on the way. The console edition comes in a standard and a deluxe edition. The standard edition has the base game, and the deluxe edition features the Leviathans Story PackPlantoid Species Pack, and the Utopia expansion. No word on when the other expansions will be included.

I’m personally optimistic about this port being successful. Tantalus Media did a good job with bringing Cities: Skylines to consoles, and I’m sure they can figure out how to best transition the PC version’s controls to a console. The only major question is how mod support will work. Mods are a big draw of the PC version, and I doubt many people will want to get the console version if they can’t get mods.

Stellaris: Console Edition does not have an official release date yet.

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