Mystery Studio is Making Battlefield V: Battle Royale Mode

Mystery Studio is Making Battlefield V: Battle Royale Mode

Earlier this year at E3 2018, game developers DICE confirmed that a battle royale mode was in development for the long-awaited Battlefield V.  The fact that it wasn’t going to be included at the game’s launch on October 19 put fans on edge.  Then after the announcement, DICE went quiet on the subject.

Well, until EA employee Ben Walke told Reddit users that a different studio was working the mode’s development this week.

No other details have been released about this mystery studio.  Sherif Saed of VG24/7, however, posits that it’s likely that, with Battlefield V being a Frostbite game, the studio is probably a part of EA’s group.

Still, DICE did release an awesome teaser trailer last week to showcase the battle royale mode.  If you’re interested, check it out below!

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