Venom’s Got a New Power in Marvel’s Venom #5

Venom’s Got a New Power in Marvel’s Venom #5

Coming soon to a comic store near you, Marvel’s Venom #5 is about to hit the shelves.  But don’t expect the usual symbiote powers in this issue.  Eddie Brock and his alien friend have a new trick up their sleeves:  the power of flight.

That’s right—Venom now has the ability to sprout wings.

According to Jamie Lovett at, this might be a result of an encounter in a previous issue where the pair ran into the god Knull, who created the symbiotes as a weapon.  In Venom #5, with Knull imprisoned on Klyntar, his symbiote Grendel awakens and tries to free him.  It’s up to Venom, of course, to stop him before the symbiote god has a chance to wipe out Earth.

The new issue will be available in stores on August 22, 2018.

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