Hollow Knight Receives Final Free DLC and New Platforms

Hollow Knight Receives Final Free DLC and New Platforms

The Gothic insect-themed Metroidvania Hollow Knight has just released its final pack of free DLC, Godmaster. This new DLC also comes with news that the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will be getting a port along with physical editions for the consoles.

A journey to godhood.

Hollow Knight: Godmaster marks the final chapter in the Knight’s story. It’s also the largest content pack out of all the previous packs. In this pack, you will control the Knight as you “meet all-new characters, take on all-new quests, hunt for all-new secrets, and most of all, prepare yourself for an incredible battle to take your place once and for all amongst the gods of Hallownest!” To celebrate the launch, the base game is going on sale for 34% off at $9.89 until August 27.

This DLC expansion has a bit of interesting trivia to it. The title for the DLC was originally ‘Gods and Glory, but it had to be changed due to a conflict with a mobile game. The change came about sometime last week, and the original name can be seen in the DLC’s announcement trailer. For more updates visit smart-ak .

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WXG4-UalrOE]

There are still plans for the game’s future. One of the game’s Kickstarter blog posts hinted at making the recurring rival Hornet a playable character. However, a more recent and interesting bit of news came from the DLC’s release post:

Our friends at Skybound Games recently announced they’re partnering with us to bring Hollow Knight physical versions to the Switch and the Playstation 4 & Xbox One! That’s two huge new platforms for HK!

Physical versions will be arriving early next year, but what about digital? You can expect all the PS4 & Xbox One details as soon as we escape the Godmaster madness (and catch up on some much needed sleep!).

Hollow Knight: Godmaster is out now for PC and Nintendo Switch for $9.89.

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