Batwoman and Supergirl Could Share Same Universe

Batwoman Supergirl

Theories are flying around about which Earth Batwoman will reside on since the announcement of her appearance in the next big Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow crossover. Many believe Batwoman and Supergirl will exist together on Earth-38, Supergirl’s home.

With Kate Kane (aka Batwoman) being featured in this year’s crossover, one particular theory seems to have some validity. Since the first crossover Invasion storyline when Supergirl visited The Flash and Arrow on Earth-1, it only seems likely that perhaps the Flarrow team would want to visit Supergirl and Superman on Earth-38. Since Batwoman will be in this year’s crossover, seems likely that her spinoff would take place there as well.

One of the other nuggets is that Lois Lane will also appear in the crossover which gives even more legitimacy that the crossover will be on Earth-38. The CW also mentioned that Superman will appear in the winter crossover. Some argue that yes, Lois could fly with Superman, the complexity it would add to the story seems unlikely. Some even speculate that Lois Lane will break the story of the multi-verse opening up a brand new slew of stories for Batwoman and Supergirl.

Batwoman Supergirl

Other hints

From CW, this year’s event begins with The Flash and ends on Supergirl, yet another hint that Batwoman will reside on Earth-38. Just like last year’s theme featured Martin Stein’s death from Legends of Tomorrow, it seems likely that with Supergirl being the last episode of this year’s event that writers will use this to introduce Batwoman and the Gotham world to viewers in preparation of the new series. Also, there is a noticeable absence of the Legend’s cast from this year’s crossover. Perhaps, there are just too many other worlds to fit in without considering the time-jumping team.

All of these theories seem valid however The CW has yet to confirm any of these ideas. So far, they are pretty tight-lipped as to how Batwoman will play into the December event.

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