All the Times Season 1 of Orphan Black Captured You With Its Brilliance

All the Times Season 1 of Orphan Black Captured You With Its Brilliance

And Then You Willingly Went Along as a Hostage for all 5 Seasons, Developed Stockholm Syndrome and Wanted to Sic Helena on BBC

2013 was a G R E A T year. Why?

Five words: Orphan Black


But also, these

Remember Sarah’s reaction to first seeing Alison?

And then a few minutes later when Alison met Sarah.

Whenever Felix was over Sarah’s shit.

When Alison sang her snippy little heart out to Meredith Brooks.

Whenever Helena sees her sestra.

Whenever Alison “cursed”.

And then the one time she legit dropped a four-letter word, right after telling Ms. S that she was married.

Basically, whenever Alison gets herself worked up.

Check the effin cracker cupboard, Terry.

Whenever Cosima science’d.

When Helena did this.

Or this.

Basically whenever Helena did anything because she somehow manages to be psychotic, cute, and lovable all at once.

Like the time she had lunch with her beloved sestra (in a five-star restaurant), where she proceeded to ruin her jello with sugar, she and Sarah threatened to off the other, and then she bid farewell to Sarah like all of the above was acceptable behavior.

When Sarah called Helena “meathead”.


Whenever Sarah does what Sarah wants.

Whenever they tried to be each other and failed so epically.

Sarah as Beth on the phone with Cosima who thinks she’s talking to Beth

(but it’s really Sarah)

(in case you were confused)

Alison trying to prepare to be Sarah.

Alison trying to be Sarah, but Kira is smarter than all the orphans combined.

Whenever Sarah is with Kira.


So, in conclusion, every second of the first season of Orphan Black was the best. We fell in love with Sarah, Cosima, Alison, Helena, but not Rachel. We love Kira, Felix, Mrs. S, and Paul. We are still unsure about Delphine, even though we want to like her, for Cosima’s sake, so she better get her shit together before season two.

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