Orphan Black: The Best Moments of Helena and Sarah

Orphan Black: The Best Moments of Helena and Sarah

Orphan Black’s Helena and Sarah are everyone’s favorite badass twins. Though they are as different as night and day, the connection these sestras had gave them an unbreakable bond that was tested again and again. Here are some of the memorable times when their loyalty and love saved them

When they went on a road trip.

And Helena amused her sestra with those amazing vocals.

Even though Sarah was not the least bit impressed.

When Helena made Sarah laugh with her puppet fingers.

And again when she farted.

Helena’s reactions when Sarah calls her “meathead”.

She pretends to hate it, but the affection of Sarah’s nickname is as obvious as the affection on Helena’s face.

The way Helena responds to her sestra’s nickname over time is a testimony to how solid their connection became.

Especially when Sarah used it while scolding her.

Whenever they did the twin thing.

Nothing was better than when they both showed this side.

When Sarah threatened to use Helena as a weapon.

Nobody knew the extent of Helena’s complicated thoughts and actions like Sarah, who also knew how to utilize them.

When Sarah helped deliver Helena’s babies.

Art (Kevin Hanchard), Helena and Sarah (Tatiana Maslany)

When Sarah realized there really was a connection and Helena knew that she finally accepted it.

Sarah’s reaction when Helena thought it was Sarah that betrayed her.

Out of all her sestras, Sarah was most devastated when she hurt Helena or let her down.

Whenever Helena told Sarah she was a good mother.

Whenever they mothered each other.

Like when Helena was hellbent on killing Mrs. S for betraying her, but Sarah cut that short because manners come first.

Or when they were on the trail for important information and Sarah knew things would go easier if she didn’t have her plus one with her.

Or that time when Helena, who we all know L O V E S her food, only hate half of her precious can of beans so her sestra could eat, too.

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