Orphan Black: The Best Moments of Season 2

Orphan Black: The Best Moments of Season 2

Orphan Black did the entire world a favor by coming back for a second season. If you thought you were hooked and obsessed after the first season, then holy doodle are you in for a shock with this one. Season one left us wondering what the fishsticks is happening, who the dickens can be trusted, and how the hummus can Sarah save everybody. Luckily, we don’t get a lot of answers, but we do get a brick-ton more questions. But that’s the power of this show. Orphan Black can frustrate you to the ends of the earth and back, and you will still keep watching. Why?

Here are just a few of the memorable moments of why this was, and still is, one of the most intriguing, addicting, and brilliant shows ever.

When Alison goes to rehab.

When Felix tried to help explain Helena.

When Felix tried to comfort Alison

Whenever Helena did anything.

Like saying hello to Felix.

Or when she threatened the woman who spanked a little girl.


And then when she called this loser out on his low pain tolerance.

When Helena saved her sestra.

When Sarah saved her sestra.

When Cosima told Delphine she had to love all of them.

When Cosima told Rachel she was “the real Cosima, not the one that kicked your ass…or whatever”.

When Helena hissed at Felix.

And then Sarah lovingly scolded her.

When Donnie accidentally killed Dr. Leekie.

And then Alison and Donnie wrapped up Dr. Leekie and put him in their freezer.

And then they realized they needed to bury Dr. Leekie.

When Sarah turns herself in to save Kira.

When Helena “denied” burning down the fish people’s ranch.

That one time Cosima was an evil genius and used Kira to help her come up with a way to propel a pencil into Rachel’s eye so Sarah could escape.

When the sisters are finally all in one place.

And then they had a dance party.

All the sister moments.

Sarah and Cosima’s conversations.

Helena and Sarah.

Sarah and Cosima.

Alison and Cosima reacting to Cal.

Or when Sarah mocked Alison’s hand-crafted card that came with the smuggled gun.

When Helena found Jesse.

When Sarah was looking for Helena.

Whenever they posed as each other.

Alison as Sarah and Sarah as Rachel.

Sarah as Alison while having to role play in rehab and also pretend to be Donnie.

When Sarah has a heart-to-heart with Kira after she met her dad.

When Alison scolded Felix for his attire while she discussed illegal firearms.

Two things I know for sure: there are still three more seasons of Orphan Black, and anyone reading this is already planning on binge-watching the entire series again. And if not, the be prepared to have Helena stop by. You’ll know she’s close when her theme music starts playing..

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