Orphan Black: The Best of Alison

Orphan Black: The Best of Alison

Orphan Black’s favorite rogue soccer mom gave arguably some of the most entertaining and hilarious moments of the show. From her ability to live in denial with impressive commitment to her choice of substitute colorful words, Alison kept things moving forward, no.matter.what.

One of the best things about Alison were her unexpected dance moves.

Like the time she danced her stress away.

Or when she and Donnie celebrated their success as drug dealers pharmaceutical entrepreneurs.

But her vocabulary of soccer-mom-cuss-words and exclamations were, without a doubt, the very essence of what Alison Hendrix was made up of.

What the dickens.

Even when she’s hit rock bottom, she still can’t bring herself to swear. Nevermind that she’s killed, been to rehab, and ran a successful drug business. Alison draws the line at swear words.

Yet she somehow still manages to give orders and come across with authority.

Encouragement isn’t her strong suit, but she has such a way with words.

LORD AND BUTTER. Quite possibly the best sequence of letters to convey frustration.

Poop on a stoop. That can’t be good.

Eff this. Eff that. Eff eff eff.

When she kept her priorities straight.

I do believe this is actually the universal response every mother has when someone threatens to shatter the peaceful silence, though.

She knows how to get the job done.

When she’s talking flower arrangements while Beth makes her promise not to touch the gun until she teaches her how to use it.

Whenever she’s stressed.

Am I the only one that thinks Alison actually has the perfect temperament for jail?

Her relationship with Felix is priceless.

All the sisters had their own annoying traits: Cosima bored everyone with her science nonsense, Helena was unpredictable and could kill at any given moment, Sarah tended to make shit worse before she made it better, and Alison was so uptight and paranoid about her self-image that no one would’ve blamed Cosima or Sarah for unleashing Helena on Alison. But she was one of a few, and when it mattered, lord and butter did she always come through for her sisters.

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