Orphan Black: The Best of Helena Crazypants Meathead

Orphan Black: The Best of Helena Crazypants Meathead

Orphan Black’s one and only manic, lovable assassin has many sides to her. As Sarah’s twin, and Alison and Cosima’s sestra, Helena made us laugh, cry, cover our faces in fear, and most of all, fall in love with her. Here are the many moments when we loved our little meathead the most

Whenever her theme music played.

Whenever she called her sisters “sestra”.

When she absolutely did not burn down the fish people’s house.

Her love for each of her sestras.

Like when she saved Alison with a bow and arrow (because why NOT a bow and arrow?).

Or when she went back for Sarah, even though she felt betrayed.

And then when she was hallucinating while being held captive in a box with a scorpion, and imagined Cosima was happy and healthy.

When she was being kept in a box and just wanted her family.

When she finally broke down and realized she belonged somewhere.

Whenever she eats.

When the druglords threatened her niece and nephew.

So she straight up annihilated them.

AND got Donnie and Alison their money back.

All while posing as Alison.

Helena proved over and over again that you can fall and lose your way, but you can also still believe there’s some good in the world, no matter how traumatizing your past was, or how uncertain your future is. Her love for her sestras, especially Sarah, as well as for their extended family, is the kind of selfless, loyal love we all wish for. Especially if they come in the form of a wild Ukrainian with crazy blonde hairs that loves to eat.

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