Blade Strangers Pits Indie Darlings in a 2D Fighter

Studio Saizensen, creators of action-RPG Code of Princess, have released a new 2D fighter in a collaboration with Nicalis. Blade Strangers has 12 characters from six indie games (plus two originals) together to beat each other senseless.

Isaac vs. Curly Brace. Place your bets.

Released yesterday on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC, Blade Strangers brings together a variety of characters fighting each other to determine the fate of the inter-dimensional network that connects all worlds. At least, the six worlds of the characters in this game. The characters are:

  • Quote and Curly Brace, from the retro 2D platformer and shooter Cave Story.
  • Shovel Knight, from the retro 2D platformer Shovel Knight.
  • Isaac, from the top-down shooter roguelike The Binding of Isaac and The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth.
  • Gunvolt, from the 2D action game Azure Striker Gunvolt.
  • Emiko, Kawase, and Noko, from the fishing pole grappling hook game Umihara Kawase., formerly a SNES trilogy.
  • Ali, Liongate, Master T, and Solange, from Studio Saizensen’s action-RPG beat ’em up Code of Princess.
  • Helen and Lina, original characters made for this game.

This wide variety of fighters comes together in a surprisingly accessible fighting game. It has the classic mix of light and heavy moves along with special and unique attacks for each fighter. It’s not the highly nuanced system seen in games such as BlazBlue and the SNK fighting games, but it has some features that make it more accessible for beginners. Among these is a combo meter that drains as players chain together attacks. When it depletes, the player’s attacks get weaker, forcing a variety of moves. There’s also the ‘Heat Up’ feature, where characters that lose enough health briefly are able to perform faster, uninterruptible moves.

Blade Strangers is out now on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Steam. It costs $40, but is currently 25% off on Steam.

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