Raniaco Mini Clip Reading Light [Product Review]

Raniaco Mini Clip Reading Light [Product Review]

Raniaco has developed a new mini reading booklight perfect for the many bookworms in our life. This rechargeable booklight has a large clip, fitting for all different book sizes; and a craning neck perfect for many angles.

A few amazing features we love about this booklight is that not only is it rechargeable via a USB cable that is provided, but the booklight also has two settings: low and high. This means you can alter your light preferences based on the light needed! In the dark you may prefer the high setting, while in low light the low setting may do just fine.

In addition, the booklight is also VERY portable, and features a good craning neck for the LED light, giving you adjustability to where the light is going!

As someone who reads a lot at night and doesn’t want to wake up their significant other, this booklight is great for keeping your reading up without disturbing others.

We highly recommend this booklight, and you can get your own here via Amazon, with Prime shipping!

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