SWEES Fitbit Alta and HR Bands [Product Review]

SWEES Fitbit Alta and HR Bands [Product Review]

SWEES has developed a new Fitbit Alta and Fitbit HR band that can rival Fitbit’s original! These bands are low cost, but have the same functionality and security as the original band.

These new-age Fitbit bands come in three packs, each featuring 3 different colors.

  • One pack features white, pink, and turqouise
  • One pack features black, grey, and coffee brown

While these clip in perfectly to the tracker like you’d expect from a Fitbit band, they attach a bit differently around the wrist. I’d say they are more like a watch band, which gives a bit more security into holding them on.

One thing to note is that although they are cheaper than the Fitbit brand ones, they feel exactly the same. The silicone is the same material that Fitbit uses, but at a much more affordable price.

You can get your own SWEES Fitbit Alta and Fitbit HR band set here, directly here through Amazon! Remember to measure your wrist properly to ensure you are either a small or large!

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