Titans Premiere Photos Released

Titans Premiere Photos Released

Photos from the DC Universe’s first original live-action series, Titans, have been released.

 With Their Superpowers, They Unite!

Teen Titans is arguably one of DC’s most beloved franchises. For many fans, the 2003 animated series was their first introduction to the DC Universe. After three years of a successful run, the show came to a close. It was revived seven years later in the Looney Tunes-styled cartoon Teen Titans Go! Many weren’t pleased with the new wacky direction their beloved characters were taken into.

Seemingly to remedy this, DC announced that a new live-action show based around the Teen Titans. Over time, it was announced as Titans and would be coming to their new streaming service. It would be darker and grittier, in an attempt to more closely match the style of the DC films.

You’re So Dark, Are You From The DC Universe?

The first Titans trailer was showcased at SDCC earlier this year and fans were not pleased. Aside from many of the characters (Beast Boy, Raven, Starfire) not looking anything like their comic or animated counterparts, the trailer seemed to showcase a much more serious and bleak tone for the series. Many fans were concerned that the show was trying too hard to be edgy, citing Robin’s “F– Batman” comment in the trailer. Now, with DC’s new streaming service only days away from being released, photos from the premiere episode of have been revealed.

If these photos are anything to go by, then the first episode will be focused on only three of the Titans; Robin, Raven, and Starfire. While Raven and Robin seemed to be tied together somehow, Starfire looks to be off on her own journey. This hints that the whole team may not come together for a few episodes.

Whether this edgier version of the beloved Titans will pay off for DC, only time will tell. There are those have already made up their minds before the show has even aired. However, there are others who remain hopeful that what we see only scratches the surface of what the show will have to offer.

Titans premieres this October only on the DC Universe app.

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