Sukeban Games Announces VA-11 HALL-A Sequel, N1RV ANN-A

Sukeban Games is making a sequel to their cyberpunk bartending visual novel VA-11 HALL-A. Titled N1RV ANN-A, the sequel will once again put you in the role of a bartender where you serve patrons and learn more about their lives.

Shot to the future.

The game was announced just a few hours ago on Twitter:

The official website describes the game’s story:

Escape from VA11 HALL-A’s Glitch City to Saint Alicia, an idyllic tourist paradise with an upscale bar called N1RV Ann-A. But opulence and extravagance are merely smokescreens: the artificial island hides a seedy underbelly. Its dystopian economy touches all aspects of life as bar patrons contend with mafia extortion, human trafficking and other sordid crimes.

For bartender Sam, trouble hits close to home. Her relationship with her partner Leon, who moonlights as a Yakuza, is on the rocks as she works hard to care for their 8-year-old son, Tony.

Is their relationship dead in the waters of the caribbean sea? Or will love prevail in the unnatural city?

Like the previous game, N1RV ANN-A will task players with serving drinks to the patrons they meet. The drinks you serve the patrons will affect their moods and stories, which can impact what they say and how the story turns out. The original game featured a wide variety of characters, including intelligent Shiba Inus, an android idol, and a private detective that bears a striking resemblance to George Costanza from Seinfeld. We can expect more interesting characters in the sequel when it releases.

Booze up the future when N1RV ANN-A releases in 2020. The game’s release is currently for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Steam.

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