All-Female Marvel TV in the works at ABC

All-Female Marvel TV in the works at ABC

Following the success of Female-led projects like DC’s Wonder Woman, and likely due to the staggering 104 million views on the first trailer for Captain Marvel, word has broken that an All-Female Marvel TV show is in the works at ABC.

Very little is known as to what this series will focus on, just that it will be hour-long episodes and air on ABC. What this does confirm is that ABC and Marvel’s partnership will not be diminished after Disney’s Netflix Counter launches in 2019. As for a wish list of what many fans would like to see, the likes of She-Hulk, Spider-Woman, and Ironheart come to mind.

The currently untitled show will have Marvel TV head Jeph Loeb will executive produce, and Marvel Studios and ABC studios will produce. It is unknown when the first episodes will air, but fall 2020 is the earliest possible time.

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