My Brother Rabbit Now Available For Purchase

My Brother Rabbit Now Available For Purchase

Developer Artifex Mundi is proud to present their latest game, My Brother Rabbit. A heartwarming tale of a brother and his sick sister.

A Trip Down The Rabbit’s Hole

The story of My Brother Rabbit starts off as a tragic one. A little girl becomes seriously ill. Her parents are trying to find the best way to find her help, and she finds herself scared in the hospital. Her brother steps up and uses his love for his little sister, great imagination, and his stuffed rabbit to weave a fantasy world in order to help her cope. According to their press release:

Through the lens of make-believe, the rabbit is a living denizen in a brilliant, surreal world. His friend flower is similarly ill, so he sets out on a voyage to help her. No obstacle can stop him on his quest to find the cure to her ailments. Clues and items necessary to progress hide behind every leaf and in every corner. Once found, these objects unlock over 30 entertaining puzzles including building fantastical vehicles to continue the rabbit’s trek.

As the rabbit edges ever closer toward his destination, the imaginary world increasingly incorporates details from the children’s true surroundings. Though the circumstances are grim and the unfamiliar hospital can feel sterile, they pull from what they see and twist it into a positive light. An aquarium becomes an aquatic adventure, and the doctor becomes a sweet bear eager to heal the flower. Perspective is everything, and their youthful eyes perpetuate hope even when the world is scary.

The beautiful visuals and ethereal soundtrack bring you into the vast imagination of the children. You take on the role of the rabbit as he navigates his homeworld while solving puzzles. According to the developers, no spoken dialogue or words of any kind will be present throughout the game. Instead, they want you to experience the story strictly through the visuals, puzzles, and music.

Lead artist at Artifex Mundi Łukasz Sałata stated, “As strange as the pretend world is in My Brother Rabbit, children’s innate ability to perceive the world in amazing ways is very real. Our own children helped us create the game, and we are ecstatic to finally share their creativity with players.”

Check out the gallery for photos of the game as well as a trailer.

My Brother Rabbit is available now to purchase on Steam, PlayStation Network, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.

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